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Exhibition Contractor Design Jasa Kontraktor Stand Booth Pameran Jakarta

We are PT Total Expo Indonesia a Legal Company Registered In Indonesia a Company Design Contractor Exhibition Interior Event Production We make Exhibition Stand Booth Stage Display and Counter, based in Jakarta Indonesia

Since 2009 We have been serve as a One Stop Solution for Exhibition, Interior Event Production from Concept, Design, Fabrication, Build, Service and Management .


We provide High Quality Standard Stand Booth Construction Custom Design and Its Spesification Suiting Budgetary Constraints of Clients.

For many years we’ve played a strong part in great productions, working with agencies and corporate of national international brands from many exhibition stands and booths, world class events and experiential expo activations to beautifully designed interiors

Concepts. Solutions. Big. Small. Irrespective of the brief

We ensure you effectively and consistently connect with the most important people for your business, be it press, consumers, customers, dealers, partners or friends. 

We do creative, intelligent, great concepts to implementating your needs.

Our talented creative and account management teams are able to deliver any scale productions, event, promotion, exhibition services, on-time and within budget, anywhere in Indonesia and beyond!

We deliver focused solutions by integrating out of the box ideas and concepts. We have set benchmark through innovative ideas and design concepts, offering a perfect platform to directly communicate with their target audiences.

We bring unique collaboration of colors, construction and presentation, supplemented with appropriate lighting, leterring and AV equipment for the best result.


First class, professional, high quality customer service, rigorous,realistic, perfect project management enable us to provide best cost effective service to achieve the perfect exhibition or event result


We are known for providing a truly personalized service tailored to meet the specific requirements of all clients. All the exhibition stand construction are carried out by our pool of experienced workforce in close coordination with customers.


We dont sell or rent exhibition stands or interior

We sell peace of mind

We don’t cut corners, we deliver what we promise

We utilise cost-effective measures to create magnificent solutions at economical prices.

Personilized service, at great prices with creative solutions

Our Work is a work of an Innovative Design,

Attention to Detail

Engineered Production

Personalised Client Service

Scope of Work

Design and Construction :

    Exhibition Special Design Stand
    Displays and Counters
    Event Contractors
    Special Improve System R8
    Stage Custom,
    Backdrops and Gates
    3D Artwork
    Interior Works 



Design Excelence

Our work is an effective collaboration of creation, presentation and execution


Our team of experienced professionals work closely with clients to build a total solution that draws in traffic, engages audience and creates a lasting recall value among the target group.

We have a team of qualified exhibition designer and exhibition builders – workers who come up with innovative and quality result.



Why Us

    Quality products and services
    Excellent designing facilities
    Tailor-made solutions
    Competitive pricing
    Timely execution of work
    Assistance throughout the project
    Quality and Experienced  Workers
    Have Owned Fabrication Workshop


We would like to hear from You, Just Contact Us


Concept Design Contractor 

Exhibition Event Production


Custom Construction

Office HQ Jalan Kembang 99 Jakarta 

Office Griya NTA Griya Serpong 12 B Tangsel 

Workshop Kav DPR 1 No 1 Pergudangan Kav DPR Bojongsari

TEL 02174636429

HOTLINE WA 081519341937

EMAIL expototal@gmail.com



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